3-2-1: Key

3-2-1 is something relatively different from most SHINee music videos, not to mention that it sounds like something out of a detective anime.

The visual is very illustration style, seems like the influence of Chocomoo can definitely be seen.

Our reader Cassandra requested something from the MV and since this has been lying in the drafts for a while, no better time to post them up.

The requested top is what Key is wearing here from Astrid Anderson, the Digiprint Cotton Denim Shirt.

The direction of the promotional shots from this album are quite all over the place. In this shot, Key is wearing the Bess Merci Oversized Cotton Shirt from ACNE studios which you can find here.

More finds from the MV will be up soon.

For more SHINee's 3-2-1 fashion finds click below:

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