You're the Best, Pretty Man IU (2)

Going to lack posts soon so splitting one post into two…hope you don't mind.
So continuation of the last IU post with her new poster images for Pretty Man with Jang Geun Suk.
I don't usually watch dramas, don't think I will watch this one either. Still, all the best to IU.
 It seems the yellow sweater and skirt combination is a must now
Her outfit is surprisingly expensive. They look very cheap but seriously isn't. Want to know the price? Not as bad as Victoria's sweater, but it's 1500$ collectively.
Both items are by J. W. Anderson, a tie up side sweater and a comic book knee skirt. 

The prices are so steep, you can similar items for much less.
For the sweater, in with almost the same shade and neck shape, click here and here for cheaper versions of it. Note there are no tie-ups on the side.
For the skirt with basic comic book print, cheaper ones here and here.

Img Cr: KBS, thecorner

Maria :D

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