UEE, You're My Golden Rainbow

Golden rainbow all the way. 
After School's UEE is going to be in another drama, this time it is MBC's Golden Rainbow co-starring Jung Il Woo and others. It is about seven orphans and it seems interesting. I won't watch it because I have never finished watching a Kdrama. Nevertheless, all the best to UEE's new acting endeavour. 

UEE's dress at the Golden Rainbow press conference is by Elizabeth and James. It looks boring and lazy. At least UEE looks good in it even though she did not show the best feature of the frock - the back. You can buy the Elizabeth and James Mara dress here. The strappy shoes makes up for the dress. Why? It is a collaboration between two Korean brands - Suecomma Bonnie and Fleamadonna with the POP Collaboration. Fleamadonna names this pair Black Breath, it is available here.

Dang what is this trend of wearing Elizabeth and James to these photo-op things. They have that sponsoring money and momentum down huh?

Img cr: StarN, osen, nordstorm, suecomma bonnie

Maria :D
I have stopped watching Barefoot Friends after episode 16, has it gotten better?
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