Tell Me Now, NOW (3)

Trouble Maker stays true to their name with the new song Now and their hot music video. Budweiser sales in South Korea must be through the roof. After all, all I remember in the MV are: Union Jack fridge, Budweiser, Hyunseung's Joker and Hyuna's bust. However, the only thing one can buy is the beer as much as we want the other things.

Anyway, fashion post.
I appreciate all the Korean brands the duo wears in the MV. Way to support their fellow country's designers. You can see what else they are wearing here and here.

The item in question here is the pale pink coat Hyuna wears near the end of the music video. This coat is by the Korean brand System. There is no online retainer that sells this. Want to buy it? Go to South Korea, have fun.

Img cr: cube, system

Maria :D
Most people don't like the video but I simply just don't like the song.

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