Running Man Style: IU

With Red Shoes, Pretty Man, and variety show appearances, girl is busy. This is certain proof that IU did not fall from grace after the Twitter scandal.

Haven't done any "Running Man Styles" in a while huh? I watched most episodes but nothing was very interesting. For me, IU and Park Myung Soo's Running Man episode was so much fun, especially the cage match. A definite watch!

IU's sweater is perfect for Remembrance Day. Need a poppy? Nope, I have some thread on thread on thread. Just need one more to cover the obvious logo.

Anyone recognize the logo? It is Fred Perry's. From afar they may look like poppies, but actually are roses?! The Rose Embroidered Sweater is available here for 85 Pounds.

That is all. Oh actually, one thing... The model looks like a child but isn't. At first, I thought IU was wearing a kid's sweater in the picture above. That would've proved her weight loss successful. My mind changed when I realized asos doesn't stock children's clothing.

Img cr: SBS, asos

Maria :D

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