Requests: Key, Soyeon, Kim Tan, Kim Woobin

Continuation from the last one. I ran out of space for tags so I split the post in half.

1. SHINee's Key in Everybody MV

KTZ Monochrome Sweater (

2. T-ara's Soyeon at Hallyu Dream Concert 2013 and music video for Number 9
Rehab Chain Suspender Quilted Leather Shorts (
so cute...

3. Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan in SBS's Heirs
Chris Christy Two Tone Color Block Knit ( the snowflake sweater is from the same brand
Marc Jacobs gold sweater (sold out)

4. Kim Woobin  (supposedly)
Stereo Vinyls Collection SSAN1992 Snapback (
Anotherman Team Pull Over (

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Maria :D

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