Request: Hyuna's Boots

Request time! It's from Jenny Chen! Yay.
This request is for Trouble Maker's Hyuna's boots during multiple performances and appearances including Inkigayo, Mnet Countdown and 2013 MAMA.

I planned to post this about two days ago but somehow I was too busy on the weekends? It was strange how I didn't have time on the weekends. Then Monday came and suddenly my schedule cleared up. It became a pattern for weeks now. My weekends were strange and still are. That aside, I wanted to fill me all the leftover posts during the weekend. That plan didn't work out either. :/

These boots are actually affordable! :O
They are by Style Nanda, the Back-Zip Platform Ankle Booties available for 58$ here.

Like I have said, she wears these at the 2013 MAMA. My favourite picture of them from the event only because Hyuna looks fabulous.

Img Cr: SBS, style nanada, conxlove, tv report

Maria :D

Thanks Jenny, you provided so many pictures when I asked for them.

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