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Jia, The Space Innovator

Hush, hush now. Miss A's Jia may be from space? No...she's not from space but is an innovator of space? To clarify things up, here's Dispatch's shot of her private life that may signal something. However, everything here looks normal. Miss A is walking, can you believe it?

The picture of the four looks like a stolen shot of models outside after walking in a prominent fashion show. Suzy is the delirious one, Jia's the bubbly one with the eccentric style, Min is the one who can't catch a break and Fei is the photogenic exotic beauty.

The bubbly one's style consists of two pieces from Joyrich's latest collection. The top is the Space Innovation knit top (available here) and the Space Innovation skirt (98$).

Maria :D

Credits: Dispatch, Joyrich
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