My Oh My Seohyun

Quite a bit of SNSD lately on our website huh? Somehow it's just the season. At least there is something new this time; it's Seohyun, someone we have not posted on in a while. 

This webpage is dedicated to Seohyun's multicoloured plaid shirt in the My Oh My music video by SNSD. We have previously posted Yuri's tee here. Unlike Yuri's affordable tee, the maknae's shirt costs quite a bit. *insert sad face*

The customization is great, the studs and chains make the shirt look better than the original. SNSD's stylists are alway amazing, they are so on point ever since The Boys. Their stylists really deserve some major props because I Got a Boy is flawlessly styled and the nine members' have amazing fashion to each of their never-ending public appearances.

Oops kind of went off topic. Back to the main topic, this blouse Seohyun wears is by Equipment, the Signature plaid. If you are willing to hand over $500, you can buy it here.
Img Cr: SMEnt, farfetch

What an amazing kpop news day with…wow too much to list. How are you taking the news today?

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