More Affordable Kpop Fashion

The last affordable kfashion post is still quite popular so I have gathered another round-up! 
Aren't you tired of all the price tags of the clothes these kpop stars always wears. A pair of $1000 shoes here, a $4000 bag there, a few $500 dresses and a $2000 sweater. If you add these prices up, surprise, someone's annual salary. So tiring to look at. :(
Therefore, a affordable kpop fashion clothing post!
Everything here is under $53! What a breath of fresh air! Breath it in, breath it in, breath it in. It's good to splurge sometimes but we all need to save. Hope you can benefit from this.

f(x): Krystal's polka dot jacket wore at the airport

Kahi's "RICH" crop top in It's Me
Price: $10.80

4minute: Gayoon's Overrated Tank at the airport
Price: $12.80 (Forever 21)

SHINee: Taemin's tee from a mobile update
Price: $28.48 @asos

SNSD: Yuri's  tee during the rocking out part of My Oh My
Price: 52$ @topshop

f(x): Luna's performance dress during Rum Pum Pum Pum promotions
Price: £29.99

Img cr: as tagged, asos, new look, topshop, forever21

Maria :D

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