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Missing You, Minzy

 It's finally Minzy turn! 2NE1's maknae is last in with our Missing You ID's. Nevertheless, she looks fabulous.

YSL's famous Le Smoking Jacket, what I would do to get one.
Oh Minzy, how I envy you so much right now.
If you want to buy and can afford this chic and timeless jacket, go here.

I can make out a few words, other than that, overall, I have no idea what this tee says. Somehow it's apparently special enough to be retailed at over 1100$. The website lists this simply as Versace Printed Top, they didn't think it is special. Ah…rich people.

More overpriced Versace! Guess what? Versace has decided two combine two trends for F/W 2013. They are studs and quilting, therefore, studded quilts. Minzy is wearing a jacket and a pair of leather trousers from the collection. The pants are retailed at 5975$. Pricing for the jacket is not available online but can you imagine the amount?

Of course, Minzy pairs her YSL jacket with a pair of Saint Laurent shoes.
These are the Leather Zip-Cuff Platform Booties, available for 1100$.
Bom also wore the shoes here

The clothes in the post is worth roughly 15 000$.

Img cr: YG, mytheresa, versace, shopbop, 

Eliza & Maria :D

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