Jieun's Surprising Comeback (3)

There's some Heirs and KARA in here too.

It's been a while Jieun. Is anyone still enjoying her False Hope song and/or music video?
Her styling, makeup and hair are all impeccable in the music video. It is better than any Secret music video, way to set your priorities straight TS Entertainment. Joking

Well let's get started. The first item is a necklace by the Korean jewelry brand, Jewel County. They call this piece Byzantine Feeling Emerald Crystal Necklace. The price isn't too bad but you have to be in South Korea to buy it
More famously, Kim Ji Won's character, Rachel Yoo in SBS's Heir has worn this necklace.

Next up a sweater!
This sweater is by the Korean brand, J Apostrophe. It is from their F/W 2013 collection. Don't you love that TS Entertainment is supporting Korean brands so much in Jieun's music video?

KARA's Jiyoung has worn the sweater for November 2013 edition of SURE.

Leave a comment on who you think wore it better?
Kim Ji Won or Jieun?
Jiyoung or Jieun?

Img Cr: TS Entertainment, SURE, SBS, J apostrophe, Jewel County

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