Fashion in Review: Miss A's 'Hush'

Let me start by saying, AHHH Miss A is back with "Hush". I have been loving them since my first glimpse of Jia's pink hair back in 2009. Therefore, I wanted to take the time to look at the simple fashion of their concept.

Even if the fashion is not the most complex or my favorite look of the year, there's no denying that the girls of Miss A are hot. Even so, I do have a couple issues with their styling.

One major issue I have with the clothing are the turtlenecks. EYK's Martina and I share a hatred for these awful articles of clothing. I think they look awkward, and the white turtlenecks with black bras are not my favorite combination. The black turtlenecks are paired with this weird dual-chain choker necklace that looks a bit like it belongs to a dominatrix while trying to imitate a dog collar.

I love their high-waisted faux-patent-leather pants, very sexy! I like how their turtleneck outfits shows a mature, sultry side of them. Unlike other Kpop artists (and concepts), Miss A is able to do the 'sexy' concept without showing a ton of skin. Their red lipstick, smokey eyes, and perfect hair all screams "attractive" without being obnoxious.
(See the pictures below)
The White Turtlenecks
The Turtlenecks + Dog Chains
Another set of outfits they wear involves tying sweaters around their waist to cover up shorts and crop tops. I think this look only fits the video, but not if someone is walking around in public. I did like that half of the girls (Min and Suzy) have their shoulders covered, because it's another way they show a more modest sexy. I even like Suzy and Jia's fishnets. I think their black outfits fit the mood of the song, and they keep a form of uniformity by all of them wearing the same shoes. Props to the hair stylists for making the girls' hair look effortlessly 'sex hair'-esque.
(See the picture below) 

I do have one note on the video. I don't really understand what's sexy about dirty showers, trashed grocery stores, or abandoned subways. Yet, somehow, Miss A (almost) makes it work. 

One a side note, I think it's interesting how face-time over the years has changed. I remember when Jia and Min were getting all the screen-time back in 2010, now it's more Suzy (!) and Fei

Overall, the fashion was a 6/10.

Are you going to be supporting Miss A in their 'Hush' promotions? I know I am. 
Did you like the clothes they wore in the mv or are wearing for their performance stages?
Tell us in the comments below.


P.S. Who's your favorite member? I totally stan Fei!

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