Decked out in Burberry Porsum (large post)

At the 2013 Melon Music Awards, SHINee scored not only their fist big win of Artist of the Year Daesang (on their 2000th day of debut too), but also had one of the most memorable looks for the red carpet.

Starting of with Jonghyun, he is wearing a suit from Burberry Porsum's collection, the Ottoman Wool Two Button Tuxedo Jacket and chose to line it with Hearts Printed Wool and Silk Twill Scarf. The heart print pattern has been worn by many other kpop artists like Chansung, GD and Victoria.

SHINee's leader Onew struck a rather imposing figure in all black, wearing Porsum's Cashmere Neoprene Cloth Military Coat. He paired it with the Leopard Printed Ponyskin Lace Up Shoes from the same brand( as can be seen in the top photo).

The maknae Taemin, looking more mature than I've seen him in a while, sported the Bonded Cashmere Chesterfield, with the collar popped up to reveal the coat's black contrast lining.

Minho's outfit was really busy. He wore a tuxedo suit with the Skinny Fit Mohair Jacket emphasizing his lean torso, showing off the Heart Print Poplin Sport Shirt underneath (no available buylink).

On top of that, the stylists draped the Translucent Vinyl Caban in Olive over his tux.

Last but not least, SHINee's almighty Key shows why he's the fashionista of the group. He made sure all eyes were on him and his Printed Pony Calf Fur and Neoprene Coat. (I admit, when looking for this coat I choked on the price a bit.) The contrast print between the sleeves and main torso is gorgeous
He paired the coat with an understated yes still interesting Satin Lapel Tuxedo Jacket.

Although the clothes are probably all sponsored, the price tags of these items had my jaw dropping by the end of the post. 
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