A bit more Heirs Style: Ep 10

Unlike the last post with Lee Min Ho, this one includes Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang and Kim Woobin as Choi Young Do.

Oh Heirs. Congratulations to getting the highest ratings yet at 15.6! Strangely, Secret Love still beats them even at such a high number. Good luck for the next ratings battle! It's sad, Medical Top Team is no where in the fight with a rating of 3.9. 

I have found more screencaps of episode 10 of Heirs! Praise to the Chinese fans for high quality and large screen captures. Thanks to them, I have "seen" the whole episode. It looks about the same as a typical Kdrama.

Aw, don't they look loving? Looks can be deceiving, for all I know, they can be in an abusive relationship. I really hope they are not.

Anyway, for a poor girl, Park Shin Hye/Eun Sang wears a quite expensive sweater. This is by Zadig et Voltaire, the Cici Patch C. The stars on the elbows are of leather. You can purchase it here.

Lee Min Ho gets the blurring  treatment this time unlike the last Heirs style post.

Kim Woobin/Young Do's scarf from Saint Laurent. It is black and white, made of mohair and 128'' inches long! For those who uses the metric system (like me), that's 3.25m!!! Even with the length, it does not justify the price tag of $425.

Ah…rich people. 
If you want to watch Heirs with subtitles, go here.

Img cr: sbs, sinaimg.cn, ssense, zadig et voltaire

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