Influenster Maple VoxBox Unboxing

Something different!!

A very different post here. It's an unboxing. You have probably seen an Influenster VoxBox unboxing or heard of it. In USA, bloggers and Youtubers get a lot of them year round. They finally decided to have one for Canada, the Maple Voxbox, how fitting. I am in Canada so I got one!
This came fast. I ordered a gift card two weeks ago and this came here first.

I wanted to do a video but I'm sick. Nobody wants to hear a sick ramble randomly for three minutes and more.
Here is what the box looks like. It's actually smaller than it appears.

What it looks like when I first opened it. 

Like what they do in unboxing videos, the product card first.
Canada has been a lot of firsts: it's the first nation to celebrate Thanksgiving, train the world's first female jet-fighter pilots & establish a national park! Joining the ranks of these auspicious Canadian firsts is influenster Nation's first Canadian VoxBox: The Maple VoxBox! We finally made it. Log in to check in your VoxBox now!

First items:
2 NYC $1 Off every 2 Items bought Coupons

The products are already cheap enough, I can't believe they still have coupons. How generous!

3rd Item:
NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara

The first mascara I bought was from NYC. How fitting.

4th Item:
NYC Big Bold Plumping Lip Gloss

5th and 6th Items:
Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp
Skinny Cow dreamy CLUSTERS

Omg, it looks so good. I want to eat it. They are 100 and 120 calories respectively, perfect for the winter

7th Item:
Impress Nails (Press-On Manicure)
These are interesting. I've tried nail stripes but they've always been too big for me. I wonder if these will fit.

8th Item:
Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas
I'm so happy about this. Canadian winters are so harsh on the skin. I've been using my stash of face masks a lot lately. I'm glad to have another one.

9th Item:
Ice Breakers DUO in raspberry
I love Ice Breakers!!! These are so exciting to try.

Img Cr: Me

Maria :D
I am so excited for so many things in this box. This makes being sick so much better.
I hope you liked it. Quite different but we'll have our usual posts soon.
It's funny how the images got worse and worse.

Thank you influenster!
"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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