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Yoona Looks Comfy and Warm, Thanks Sweater

This late fall it's all about the sweaters!
I love sweaters, especially ones that are warm and cozy.
That's exactly how Yoona looks in her colorblock sweater.
This sweater accompanies Yoona on the day of 131018 while SNSD walks a little bit to Music Bank and at the Incheon airport heading off to Beijing.

The sweater is by Joseph, the color-block mohair-blend sweater that mixes fuchsia, black and gray to create the bold distinctive areas of the sweater. You can purchase it here.

Here's a photo of Yoona at the airport. Previously, I have found a page where the user documents the whole day of SNSD in pictures. (fans are dedicated) You can see Yoona in her sweater there but I have lost the link.

Img Cr: newsen, net-a-porter

Maria :D

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