Victoria's Ugly Sweater Costs More Than My Wardrobe

Say hello to f(x)'s Victoria at some airport to China for SM Town Beijing. Her fashion fits the weather, dark and in need of warmth. I hope she likes the investment for this sweater. It's probably a sponsorship, thankfully, because it is not worth the price. 

Like the title, the price of this knit is worth more than every piece of clothing I have. (life is fair)
Maybe I just have a cheap wardrobe? I admit, I do so to some, the sweater may not be too expensive. However, I don't think many people will deny that it is ugly especially for that price.

Wondering about the price? It's...2325$. :D
The overpriced brand can only be...actually it can be many brands but...this one is by Givenchy. It is the sequin dot oversized sweater, for its price the sequins better be made of pearl. If you want to buy it, click here.

Img Cr: newsen, barney's new york

Maria :D

Leave a comment and tell me if how the price of Victoria's sweater compares to your wardrobe.
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