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Tiffany, Tom Hiddleston, Suzy & Hyuna

I just watched Tiffany's interview with Tom Hiddleston ( Loki from Thor / The Avengers )
Tiffany was so lucky to meet all the famous actors ( she also interviewed Brad Pitt ) or is it the other way around? hehe
If you wanted to check the interview click here.

Tiffany was wearing the A13GO01062A top and the A13GO07082A skirt from Greyhound.
Click here to buy the top and here for the skirt
She looked really pretty that day.

I really liked the top and the skirt and it seems that I wasn't the only one.
Hyuna and also Suzy wore them.
I wonder if we did a 'who wore it better?' who would win because it would be a really tough battle

Credits: SM,CUBE,JYP,Greyhound
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