Lovf(Amber and Sulli)

As you may probably knew, f(x) started to endorse Lovcat so of course a Lovcat fansign was a must!
For the 131013 fan sign, only Victoria, Amber and Sulli were present (Krystal was busy filming Heirs and Luna with her musical). Not a big deal any f(x) was good enough.

Amber was wearing the A13MP01292A shirt from Greyhound.
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Sulli was wearing the Ribbon Neck Flare dress from Lucky Chouette, which could be bought here.

Kara's Hara wore the blouse version of Sulli's dress in her recent in her recent Vogue Korea photo shoot. Also, various others has worn the blouse as well.
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Credits:SM, DSP, Grey hound, lucky chouette
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