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The Style Icon Awards  2013 by Mnet has happened. It's an awards show I actually care about since its relating to style. This is a hot or not/best dressed and worst dressed list from me. It is solely my opinion and do not reflect the opinions of everyone at K-world Style. I have one of these previously did for Mnet's 20's Choice. This also includes my commentary, because…hey why not use two tags with one post?

On the big night, the big stars didn't wear much colour, which is sad. It is already depressing enough how cold and short the days are getting. Generally those who wear black plays it safe. Most likely they all did since no one wants to look bad at a fashion awards show. Either way they have achieved their goals, nobody looks horrible which is always a nice thing on the red carpet. I am not blown away but there are definite stand outs.


Gong Hyo Jin
I love Gong Hyo Jin's style and all her collaborations. She looks good with her layers and mixture of textures. Her dress isn't simply black, it has depth to it. The polka dot patterned mesh gives her an illusion of warmth and pushes her look out of the boring zone. I don't have much more to say, she just looks good. I like how her hairs and booties match.

Lee Jong Suk
The year's fastest rising star. It is obvious he's to have been selected with his strong fanbase, popularity and proportions. His outfit is well put together, his stylists must of put a lot of thought into it. A+ for Lee Jong Suk, his stylist, fans, parents and luck.

SNSD's Sooyoung: Hot but something's off...
No one can deny Sooyoung looks hot. However, something seems off. When I look at this, her legs are screaming for warmth. Her dress is very short as it just covers her tosh. I know they want to showcase her long legs but I can't help but think the dress is supposed to be longer or was for those who are shorter. The model's legs in this dress from the retailer looks shorter than Sooyoung's. I think maybe Sooyoung's so skinny, they put her in a dress a smaller size which was also shorter in length. 

G-Dragon wins the highest award so his position on this list is obligated. His whole 2013 year is great from his appearances to his Crooked MV. The only thing I have is that G-Dragon is wearing Saint Laurent. That's very predictable and because his overall look this year is the same as the appeal what Saint Laurent is trying to protrude. Also, he has been wearing so much Saint Laurent…but good for him for being loyal. He will make a great representative for any brand.

So So

4minute's Gayoon and Shin Ji Hoon
I like how Gayoon is wearing a suit instead of a dress and the colour is great. However, her partner is so plain. They have been photographed as a pair so I am taking them as a pair.


Dal Shabet's Subin: Poor girl...
Poor girl, she is the one that fell on the red carpet. Sure it gains her some attention but it usually means something is wrong with her outfit. Unwritten rule for the red carpet is if you show legs, you don't show bust and vice versa. Sometimes it is not followed but I think its a great thing to follow. Now, if you split Subin in half, both halves are pretty good. However, together, its tragic. I feel sorry for her but she is still dressed badly.

Crayon Pop: Not Ready for Normalcy

Oh Crayon Pop, I get that the whole jumping and jumping song with the helmet is their trademark. I highly doubt anyone will recognize them without it. Really sucks for them style-wise. Their combination of helmets with polos, tennis skirts and athletic pants is unsightly. Even with the upgraded gold-ness and sparkle, their outfits are just tacky. People rarely see Crayon Pop in "normal" clothing so this would have been a great time to demonstrate if they are fashionable. Say, if they are so stunning on the red carpet, the buzz they will have created. With that momentum = public recognition without helmets. What a great opportunity lost.

Clara C

Her outfit is like she tried to look like a Hersey's kiss but failed miserably. That fabric is not appearing well in photographs or well for the drapes. Very rarely can a technique of fashion designing look cheap but that draping looks so cheap. Clara's other garment looks a lot better but this one is the mostly heavily photographed one.

There are more people that appears but too many to categorize.

So who do you think looks "Hot" and who looks "Not"? Leave a comment below on anything! If you agree or disagree with me, I want to hear your opinion.

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