Hot or Not: Kahi's 'It's Me'

Have you all listened to Kahi's comeback album, "Who are you?" yet? Well, you should. 
She made a music video for "It's Me", which was released on October 9th. 

In the music video, Kahi wore grungy suits and more mature outfits to fit her new solo image. 
But were these all a success? 


Image 1: NOT
The biggest issue I have with this outfit is the weird mix of bootcut, pin-strip pants with a 90's-style crop tank. Obviously Kahi has amazing abs, so I totally understand wanting to show them off, but her powerful choreography doesn't  suit (ha!) the eclectic style. I prefer her back-up dancers' pain black tanks with skinny jeans/ jeggings. But the belly ring is an A+ in my gradebook.


Image 2: NOT
Kahi's hair and makeup look awesome, but I'm distracted by the white lace under the more contemporary shirt. The outfit would have been a "hot" if the stylists picked either the sequins or the lace, but layering them looks kind of weird to me. I LOVE the car, though!


Image 3: HOT
The stylists did a nice job of mixing textures and patterns; the striped shirt plays off the striped jacket well without being too much. I like how it has traditional cuts in the shirt and jacket, but with modern embellishments. She's really rocking the Parisian, punk look well.


Image 4: NOT
The jacket is too big for her. If they wanted to used an over-sized sports jacket, the stylists should have buttoned the jacket and have her wear nothing underneath. The over-sized shirt and jacket combined just make Kahi look like she's drowning in her clothes. I think the shoes, but the pants are the wrong cut to try to dance in. I guess Kahi wanted a casual-classy contrast, but the skull tee and work suit don't work together well in this combination.


Image 5: HOT
Now this is how to wear a t-shirt with a suit. The all-black look works well. Plus, she's channeling the 70's in a good way with her circular glasses. Her hair pulled back just solidifies the classy look.


Image 6: HOT
Kahi's dress is to die for! It's cute, and very Free People. I like that it's sophisticated without being too formal. Plus, I like Agatha Christie, so nice choice on the book :). I think the flowy material of the dress fits with the liquid-ness of the water and retro, quasi-jazz tune of the song. I just wish her nails weren't painted white, because that kind of goes against all the "bad girl" imagery.

Overall MV style: 6/10.
What's your opinion on her fashion? Which look is your favorite?

Im Sc.
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