Gyuri at an Airport

Welcome, to a much needed Gyuri post; not because she is my favourite but her airport fashion is underrated. I like her airport style, it contradicts her goddess image with her low-key casualness. She clothes actually looks comfortable on a plane.

Site update, sort of. After Eliza, I am back too. My schedule is clear yay~ 
I'll be updating posts and some layout stuff.

The pouch she is holding is by Acne Studios, the Olivine in vanilla. Saks has this for $370.
The tee is from Kaylee Cho, the Adhocracy tee.
In case you are wondering Adhocracy is the opposite of bureaucracy. Originally I thought it was a word made by the Korean brand ADHOC for their own Hyorish-like word for their tees.

Kara really need some adhocracy. 

Img cr: newsen, the cools, zoovillage

Maria :D
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