Get the Look: Kpop-Inspired Halloween Costumes 2013

Do you know what you're going to be for Halloween yet? If you don't, never fear; I'm here to show you some the silly, spooky, wacky, sexy, cute costumes you can make based off Kpop songs from this year. 
Are you ready?

G-Dragon-- Coup D'Etat
elegant bird 

Get the Look: G-Dragon's 'Coup d'etat'

 [American Apparel]
1. Short Sleeve Boxy Blouse ($54)
 2.  Poplin Round Collar Short Sleeve Button-Up ($46)
3.  Unisex Striped Poplin Short Sleeve Button-Down ($54)
 [Charlotte Russe]
4. Studded PU Blazer ($30)
5. Stud Pants ($25)
6. Suede Rhinestone Studded Loafer ($26)
7. Embellished Suede Loafer ($26)
8. Perforated Tassel Trim Loafer ($25)
9.Club Manhattan Necklace Bird Skull
10. Black Feathered Big Bird Eye Mask

So I may or may not have run out of time to get you all super impressive links for the following outfits, but these are some ideas I had in my head. If you still want Get the Looks done even though Halloween will be over soon, please let me know. 

1. Seo In Young-- Love Me
cute bunny

2. Block B--  Very Good
masked, classy antagonists

3. SHINee-- Everybody
sexy flight attendants 

Think I'm all-talk and no game?
Well, here's my costume-- I'm sorry for the LQ picture:

I'm a vampire cat (?). One friend wanted to be a cat, and one wanted to be a vampire, so we're going as vampire cats, kind of like the Anime "Moon Phase". Have you seen it?

What do you think? Are you going to try out any of these? I would love to see pictures!
Would you like me to do some ideas for earlier years?


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