'Everybody' Pay Attention

We should have posted these finds a long time ago, but since we were all busy we couldn't.
Lyn left the finds in a draft and I finally was able to edit the pictures.
I remember than when the concept photos were released,somebody asked what's the concept and almost everybody answered 'Don't worry,because SM's concept photos have nothing to do with the MV'
But, surprinsingly SHINee kept the military concept in the MV as well as for the performances.

In the concept photos all of the SHINee members wore outfits from Thom Browne's S/S 2014 collection. (keep an eye on GD because I'm pretty sure he'll wear these outfits soon)

Please note that Jonghyun and Onew's outfits are a little bit different, but you can see the similarity:

Eliza & Lyn

Cr. SM,Thom Browne
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