Changes to the Site: Comments, Requests, etc.

Leave a comment: a screenshot of KWS, if site speed is better or worse, and suggestions. Disqus is the new comment system so upvote stuff in Requests for priority. Stuff got moved from the two header to two headers. There is a disappearing random post button have fun finding it.

Hello to those who are reading this. Thanks for reading.
If you didn't know, I have taken a break from K-world Style to study for midterms. Luckily, I have aced them :D. Prior to, I have updated the site's layout with fixed up changes. My hope is that the loading time is much faster. Other than the look, other thing have changed.
Before that one request please...
Can anyone leave a comment of a screenshot of K-world Style?
Can you also leave the browser, brightness and system (Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.)?
This way I see how the site looks like on different browsers and screen sizes and adjust according to them. I am on Safari and I have tried the site on Firefox and there were some difference. 

1) The Headers - Top Header and Sub Header
There are now two headers, the top one and the sub header below the banners. The top ones consists of pages you can visit that's not posts. The second header are mostly tags to go to pages of posts in correlation to the tags. Contact, Blogroll About Us, Disclaimer, Requests have been moved from the sub header to the top header.

1b) New Header: Korean Fashion Directory
A mini project I have started. So basically it's page that lists a bunch of Korean brands and designers, some information about them and in the future, links. It is currently under construction but if you visit leave a comment of any brands or designers I am missing.

1c) Mentioned
Fun archive of notable people or brands that have mentioned us.

2) Comments
Our new commenting system is Disqus. They have imported most of the comments from the old system of Blogger except for the static pages (Requests, About Us). For comments you require any email but you do not require a login; it does give you more options like Facebook, etc. Also, you can up-vote and down-vote comments to your pleasure.

2a) Requests
For those who are missing it, the Requests page has moved to the top header. It is the still the same process but better. Like I have stated, Disqus did not import the comments in the requests page. We have an archive for those, when I have time I can put them up slowly. With the new commenting system, images will be displayed in the comments. With voting like Youtube comments, the ones with the most up-votes will be on the top of the comments. The top comments will get priority since more people are asking for them. So if you see a request you want to be resolved, up-vote it so it will get priority/more interest. 

3) Random Post
This is exactly what it's supposed to be. If you click it, it takes you one of the many posts in our archive. It is a fun button actually. Originally I put it as "I'm Feeling Lucky" but Lauren has changed it to "Random Post". It often disappears and reappears for me. Is it the same for you?
This button is right below the sliders and above the search bar.

If anyone got to the end of this post YAY~
I present my favourite gif at the moment. People dancing to Skrillex.

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