Who Wore it Better? Roundup 9

Another 'who wore it better?' post for you lovelies.Hope you like the 'who wore it better?' posts

On our previous 'who wore it better?' post we had 2 battles between idols wearing 2 similar shirts from the same designer.
Now we're going to have 2 battles between idols wearing 2 similar dresses from the same designer. (a little bit confusing right?....well check the post and you'll see what I mean) :D

Do you remember this dress? If not click here.
I first saw it on Hyoyeon and then more and more k-pop idols wore it .Hara also wore a similar dress (click here to see it) since both dresses are from S=YZ S/S 2013 collection.

So who wore the dress better?

SNSD's Hyoyeon, f(x)'s Victoria or Rainbow's Jaekyung

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For the next battle we have again a dress from S=YZ.
See how similar they are?

Who wore the dress better?

Girls's Day's Hyeri or SISTAR's Soyu

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Now for a little battle we have f(x)'s Amber (click here) vs BtoB's Ilhoon (click here).
I think Ilhoon feels lonely since he's the only boy in here.
Who wore the Leaf Tiger shirt from Romantic Crown better?

f(x)'s Amber vs BtoB's Ilhoon
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