Suzy at Some Events

Filling in more posts...This time we have Miss A's Suzy.

First up is her at the VIP screening of the movie Cold Eyes that features her label-mate Junho of 2pm.

The skirt is by Stylenanda, currently sold out.

Next is Suzy at another red carpet-ish event, this one is related to Suecomma Bonnie.

This one is also by Stylenanda. This tee says 'War is Peace' and can be bought here.
Such a bad saying war is not peace, it's quite the opposite.

Anyway, MBLAQ's Thunder also wore the t-shirt but the important thing is that war is not peace.

Img Cr: as tagged, stylenanda

If you feel like pitting Suzy vs Thunder feels free so.

Maria :D and Eliza

I got a new laptop, having a bit of troubles getting used to it with editing pictures and stuff.
Also, Orange is the New Black marathon.
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