Seohyun's Passionate Red Dress

Last night, I saw a set of pictures taken of Seohyun at her Passionate Love drama conference. I was stunned, she looked so beautiful. 
To me, that was the best she's looked.

See for yourself below.
She should wear red more often. 
Yeah, red is definitely her colour. If SNSD makes a comeback, they should do a red concept.
Anyway, the dress is by Jill Stuart from their F/W 2013 collection.
There is no buy link but view a similar one here.

You may recognize this dress. It is sort of famous because Miranda Kerr has worn it and so has Han Hye Jin. On Miranda, she's at an event related to YSL and Han Hye Jin 's filming Healing Camp.

But really who cares about them when you have Seohyun looking classy and gorgeous in it.
See more pictures below.

Source: here-ish
Img Cr: tv daily, jill stuart, donga

Maria :D
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