Request: Yura's Clear Heel Boots

Request time! We haven't had one of these in a while. As you probably know all the writers are busy with school. I'm sure you are too but thanks for coming here anyway. :)

This is a request from Roberta Braz for a pair of boots Yura has worn while walking for Lie Sang Bong at the 1st Asia Style Festival Runway Show.

Yura walked for Lie Sang Bong but sadly Lie Sang Bong doesn't have their own shoes. Just imagine the spectacular pieces their collection will have. One day day. For now, Lie Sang Bong has used some of Jeffrey Campbell's shoes as evident on Girl's Day member, Yura. This pair of clear plastic heel wedges are the Dina style. You can buy it here.

One girl from Wa$$up wore the bejewelled version of Dina for their Wa$$up music video.
Yes, I saw the mess.

Img cr: newsen, nastygal
Maria :D
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