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Not everything is what it seems

Hey guys,it seems that we are all pretty busy during this time of year :(

Sometimes I'm really lazy to write the text so I end up not posting a find at all so I've decided that once or twice a week or so to make quick finds posts where I'll say who,what and where a k-pop idol wore a certain item...What do you think?
I think it's a good idea because this way I'll make sure I'll post most of the finds that I come across.

Now on to the finds...This is not a quick find post because I wanted to talk a bit about Kara's recent scandal.
Honestly,in my opinion I think it blew out of proportion.
I watched the whole thing and until now I still don't get it why the viewers were so angry.
So Hara and Jiyoung cried....I honestly feel sorry for Hara and  I think I would've reacted the same way.She was pushed in a corner and didn't know how to react.
I hope you guys won't judge them because what you've heard...you should check the episode and decide for yourself 

Now for the finds.
Hara wore this lovely dress from S=YZ's F/W 2013 collection

Jiyoung wore a top and a skirt from the korean designer Demin

Credits: mbc, Demin, S=YZ
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