Kpop Fashion Wishlist: NYFW SS14 last part

This would be the last part. New York Fashion Week ended weeks ago, sadly, this post was delayed until now. So kpop fashion wishlist, a new segment where I "wish" for fashions that kpop stars would wear. View the previous Kpop Fashion Wishlist: NYFW here.

Last time, I finished on Day 3. This post would be from day 4 to the end.
London and Milan fashion week happened but there would be too much work for a wishlist. Tokyo Fashion Week may get a wishlist post.

Before anything. No, I'm not going to talk about Jeremy Scott. You know why. They always wear Jeremy Scott, I don't even need to wish. If anything, I need to wish they wear less of Jeremy Scott.

Let's go!

Day 4

Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto "...sporty elegance"
Yohji Yamamoto's collaboration line with Adidas is in their 10th year. Yamamoto hates "groupie fashion" that looks the same. Luckily, he is doing sporty high fashion right. This combination is perfect for idols as the clothes are easy to dance in and chic to look at. For specific people, the TVXQ duo can get many outfit combinations from this collection.

Zac Posen
Not his best collection, but anything Posen makes me happy. I'm surprised I haven't seen Posen on the K-world red carpet, they are a must definite for amazing red carpet moments. Maybe I just haven't been looking close enough. Either way, more Posen = win. Downside, the two gowns below needs height so maybe Nana, Uee, Kaeun, or a member of the Nine Muses can try it.

Day 5

Alice + Olivia "preppy meets pretty"
This season, there is a lot of sports influence and Alice + Olivia do it well with girlyness. Their collection is very pretty and feminine. It is s a great choice to standout at variety shows and for maintaining that innocent and sweet image for young actresses and high profile idol girls. The likes of Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye, Suzy, any of the SNSD girls and Ha Yeon Soo.

Day 6

These dresses can wear you. They need a girl with tremendous stage presence and charisma. I can just imagine it, on a beautifully lit stage wearing this gown, being vocally amazing belting out a ballad. Currently, I'm having troubles imagining the face, it can be Ailee, Seo in Young, Ivy and/or Baek Ji Young.

Day 6

The Blonds "work b!tch"
Usually, the crazier clothes in kpop is by Jeremy Scott. How about we switch it up and try The Blonds? You probably recognize one of their piece Britney Spears wears.

This brand should be on more red carpets and airport fashion. It is finely crafted, classy and refined Ideally for me, I want to see Lee Na Young, Victoria or Han Hyo Joo wearing anything from their current or past collections.

Day 7

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