Jihyun and Gayoon 'Gone Wild'

After Sohyun's "highness" and Hyuna's "acne", here's Gayoon and Jiyhun's "neon youth".
More 4minute airport fashion, same date as the previous posts and not exactly sure which date. 

Totally in love with Jiyhun's boots. They are from Christopher Kane; net-a-porter names this fluoro polished-leather Chelsea boots. Some people will find these hideous but I'm  it.
Gayoon is know for her expensive airport fashion but her Forever 21 tank is only 13.80$. Buy it below by clicking the image of the muscle tank. Also, the boots are possibly by Alexander Wang, not sure.

Youth Gone Wild huh? not as bad as On 1 or War is Peace.

Img Cr: forever 21, barney's, as tagged, net-a-porter

Maria :D
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