Ilhoon the Cutie Player

Today we have several finds from the original cutie player that made the 'Gwiyomi' song a sensation and it's no other that BtoB's Ilhoon.
~You can see a compilation of k-pop idols doing gwiyomi here~
As you may know Ilhoon is a quest host for the popular 'Weekly Idol', so all of the finds will be from that show.

Ilhoon wore the Leaf Tiger shirt from Romantic Crown and you can buy it here
Can you guess which idol wore the same shirt but in another colour?

 The asnwer is.....Amber (click here)

Here Ilhoon wore the Saucy Packs Jacket from Joyrich and you can buy it here

The last find is also from Joyrich but from the Joyrich x Betty Boop collection
Ilhoon is wearing the BB Timeline Jacket and you can buy it here

Hyuna also wore the Betty Boop jacket ......and can you guess who also wore Hyuna's t-shirt?
Hint: bad meaning good


Credits: MBC, JOYRICH, Romantic Crown, as tagged
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