Hello KARA, Need a Counselor?

KARA recently made their Korean comeback with Damaged Lady and that means they started their rounds of promotions. As you know, most come comebackers always guest on KBS's Hello Counselor where non-celebrities share their worries and KARA guested on the 130902 show.

Poor KARA receiving so much backlash after their Radio Star appearance. Now, they do need a counsellor and some good PR.
I'm just glad goddess Gyuri isn't getting any hate.

Her face is like...I can't even...
The item Gyuri wears is by Lucky Chouette, a Korean brand that loves to sponsor idols. This specifically is the Star String Frill Blouse, click here to possibly buy.

Nicole's blouse is by Soup, not to be confused with Sweet Soup. You might know Soup because Jessica is their current face. Anyway, try buying the blouse here.

One of the unlucky ones.
Seungyeon has come full circle. During their last appearance on Hello Counselor, she also wears O'2nd

She looks happy as she doesn't know what's in store for her later.
More Lucky Chouette, this time on Hara. You can try buying it here.

And none for Kang Ji Young, bye!

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Maria :D
Ending notes: Ah...Kara controversy. Sulli must be happy the heat as shifted from her.
KBS spells 'counselor' like that but I'm so used to spelling it like 'counsellor'.
School started again, having fun yet?

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