Get the Look: Crayon Pop and Lee Soon Shin Inspired School Outfits

A while ago, I agreed to do posts for Dramafever about kfashion. I was very late on that with school and what not. I finally finished the post and here it is. I took inspiration from a comment from a lovely reader Ashley Gonzalez about kpop inspired outfits for back to school. Sadly, I didn't finish the post fast enough for the back to school time frame. Now it is just possible outfits for school. I hope you like it and check out Dramafever News!

So here it is!

Crayon Pop

How to adapt one of the hottest song of 2013, Bar Bar Bar's distinictive style to something wearable for school.
Crayon Pop's outfits are very athletic - polo shirts, tennis skirts, tennis shoes, track pants and helmets and it fits with their song perfectly. You can go full out Bar Bar Bar style (with bright-colored tracksuits and helmet) when you have P.E class.
Starting from the head. Wearing a helmet to school may be safe, but not very practical. That clunky thing blocks your vision everywhere and isn't very stylish. Instead of Crayon Pop's signature helmet, substitute it with chunky headphones, a headband, a snapback, or a beanie in the winter with the same red and white colour scheme.
Not many people wants to wear a skirt over pants. Instead, try a peplum top with skinny jeans. Or a basic red tee with a white skirt. If you don't want to wear white after Labour Day, try beige or an off white. With the skirt, you can pair it with leggings, tights, or mid to high knee socks. Crayon Pop's shoes are tennis shoes. If you have a pair, great, wear them if you want. You can also wear a pair of white Converse or any flat white or red shoes.
Here's a set of options to visualize things.
Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar

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Shoes: geometric shoes / red converse / shoes with cat head (sold out) / white shoes with red lining
Others: white headphones / red headphones / snapback / socks (sold out)
Here's just some ideas for a Crayon Pop's Bar Bar Bar inspired outfit for school. Don't copy it exactly, just showing some ways you can coordinate your outfit and some white and red themed items that can go along with it. Many of these types of pieces you probably already have in your wardrobe. Go ahead and mix them up however you want it.
Lee Soon Shin's style is easier to adapt for school. In fact, her casual style is perfect for school. These are the basic set of posters provided by KBS for You're the Best Lee Soon Shin and probably the most famous outfits she wears.
The mustard yellow sweater is a great piece to transition from fall to winter. For cool days, you can pair it with a the same navy-colored blue polka dot skirt and maybe some tights. For colder days, layer the sweater over a tank and some jeans. Moving past the chillier days, IU's coral/light pink and white dress is ideal for spring time. As she pairs with navy heels, try something flats or a studier heel for convenience.
For visualization.... Lee Soon Shin
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Tops: crop yellow sweater / mustard yellow sweater / dot tank / peplum tank (sold out)
First post here, hope you like it. Leave a comment on your kpop or kdrama fashion inspiration is.

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