Circle Lens Review

Hey guys.
A couple of weeks ago we made a coloured circle lenses post, and it seems that many of you showed interest in lenses, so we thought that maybe we should try doing reviews.
Geocolouredlenses was kind enough to sponsor us with a pair. They let me choose what lenses I want, and I picked up the Geo Twins YH-301.

This is what the package contains:
-2 circle lens vials
-lens case
-business card

The circle lens vials have an official GEO sticker to show that they are genuine.

Circle lens Information

Power Range: 0.00 (Available in Plano only)
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

Comfort: 4/5
At first they felt a little bit uncomfortable, but they become comfortable the longer you wear them

           Design and colour 5/5
I absolutely love the color and design...The blue colour is really vivid 

       Enlargement 3/5
Since the lenses are 14.2 the enlargement isn't that great but I prefer it that way.

                   Overall: I really like them....
I've had blue lenses before but these are my favorite out of all of them

More about

1. They offer FREE international shipping. I live in a country from Eastern Europe so when I order something from US it usually takes 20-25 days or even more for the package to arrive...but the package from Geocoloredlenses arrived in a week and a half.

2. GEO is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and the only USA FDA approved circle lens brand. All their lenses are genuine. There are many circle lens brands in the market now and customers should purchase their circle lens carefully to avoid fake/unreliable brands. 

3. Most of their circle lens models are available with corrective power.

Oh NOOOOO you've seen my disguise is ruined NOOOOO...hehe

For more circle lenses visit, and if you want to purchase something you can use 'kworldstyle10' during checkout for a 10% discount

And that's it...oh wait a little disclaimer we aren't paid to make this review nor do we earn money from being affiliates, but we did receive the lenses for free :).

Did you like the review? Should we make more? Maybe we can try to make get the look posts where we try to find similar lenses to the ones k-pop idols wore.
That's all, byeeeeee~

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