Who Wore it Better? Roundup 7

Here we are again with another 'Who wore it better?' post
First we have a sisterly battle between Sulli and Victoria (click here to see the post)
Who wore the JUUN.J t-shirt better?

Victoria or Sulli

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Next we have a 'SISTARly' battle...haha (me and my lame jokes)
SISTAR's Bora (click here) and After School's Nana both wore the same top from Sisley,but who wore it better?

Bora or Nana

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For the final battle we have BEG's Jea( click here) against 4minute's Gayoon.
~I am attaching an additional photo for Gayoon so that the battle can be fair~
Who wore the 'I hate tanning' top better?

Jea or Gayoon

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