Who Wore it Better? Round-up 6

We are back again with a 'who wore it better?' post (and many more to come)

First let's start with a battle between 4minute's Hyuna and Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo.
They both wore a denim jacket from Steve J and Yoni P's AW 2013 collection.
Hyuna wore it in 4minute's 'What's your name?' MV (click here) and Miryo in BEG's 'Kill Bill' concept photos.

Who wore it better?

Hyuna or Miryo

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Next we have a triple battle between 4minute's Hyuna, miss A's Fei and Lee Hyori.
They all wore the Flower Laced Crop Tshirt from Stylenanda.
Hyuna wore it in a Instagram selca (click here), Fei in a group photo and Lee Hyori in a magazine photoshoot

Who wore it better?

Hyuna, Fei or Lee Hyori

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The last battle is between SHINee's Key, Miss A's Jia and SISTAR's Soyu.
They all wore the Cotton Camo MA-1 jacket from Joyrich.
Key wore the jacket at an interview (click here), Jia at 'Chinese Zodiac' premiere and Soyu at KBS's 'You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook'

Who wore it better?

Key, Jia or Soyu

Credits:Cube,SMent,Nega network,Starship,JYP,Joyrich,Steve J and Yoni P, Stylenanda

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