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We Were 'On Air'

Hello guys, it's Maria.
For the last week, we have been in contact with Hahna of K-Popular from FM 101.3 MHz in Seoul. K-Popular has hosted many famous Korean stars, recently including Bumkey, Skarf, Andrew Choi, SALTNPEPPER, Geeks, Electroboys, 15& and more. For a comprehensive list, please click here.

This was kinda last minute, and I was the only writer to guest.
So, if anyone could tune in, that would be great. You can also listen after it's gone live. 
I'm was on the Thursday show:

Warning: I'm quite tired, and this is my first time so it might be bad.

Here's their contact information:

This post was supposed to go up last night, Wednesday at 11:30pm EST to correlate to the actual airing of the show in Korea but due to scheduling mishaps, it went on at the wrong time. 
Either way, I appreciate the offer and go check them out below.

You do need Windows Media Player Extension for HTML5 to listen online. I learned that the hard way.

Thanks for your time.

Maria :D
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