Teen Top is rocking (3)

If you follow us on facebook you were aware that we will reveal Teen Top's newest trend.
What's the new trend you may ask?

Wearing you shirts backwards
Don't believe me? Check it out below hehe
I can totally see other k-pop idols rocking the backwards shirt.

Niel is wearting the Golden B.I.S. Over shirt from 1987 studio by 87mm and you can buy it here

L.joe is wearing the 87 Lettering Shirt also from 1987 studio by 87mm.
Buy it here

Lastly, we have Chunji who isn't following the new trend 
He's wearing the Hero 87 shirt and t-shirt from 87mm x LOCLE collaboration.
Buy it here

What do you think of the new trend? Will it spread to other k-pop idols?Or was it just a one thing only?

Credits:Top media,Locle,87mm

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