Teen Top is rocking (2)

We have more fashion finds from Teen Top's new MV.
In this scene ,Ricky was wearing matching pants and sweater from Adidas x Jeremy Scott's S/S 2013 collection.

Along with the Hip Hop t-shirt from Joyrich (click here), Ricky was wearing the Golden Gate Jeans from Katie Eary, which you can buy here

He wore the pants twice but this time with the Sandfish T-shirt also from Katie Eary.
Buy here

You must have recognized this t-shirt since we posted on it before here.
(2NE1 wore similar outfits for their 'Do you love me' comeback performance at Music bank)
Ricky wore the 'Belt Print' tee from Versus Versace.

Now for the last find from this post.
Niel was wearing a top from Astrid Andersen's S/S 2013 collection. (couldn't find the exact same one)
T-ara N4,Taemin and CL were also seen wearing garment from the same collection .(click here,here,here and here)

In the next post we will reveal Teen Top's new trend...so stay tuned :D

Credits:Top media,Astrid Andersen,Katie Earry,Versus Versace,Adidas xJeremy Scott
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