Sohee at the J.ESTINA Store Opening

You probably already knew about the Korean brand J.ESTINA, they used only do jewelry only but now expanded to bags and beyond. Recently, they had a store opening. In order to get rep and publicity they needed a celebrity so Wonder Girls' Sohee graced them with her presence afterher successful acting job in Happy Rose Day.

So from the top... A Lucky Chouette Ribbon Brooch Blouse followed by a possible Lucky Chouette skirt. In her clutches is the J.ESTINA Venezia Tote, hers in black. Lastly, a pair of Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Pearl Sandals.

The bag was probably supposed to the key point of the outfit but shoes are the actual main focus.

Also, the bag. Different colour, the black one wasn't on their site.
Below, the bag Sohee was holding matched the one on the display at their store.

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