'Snow Piercer' Premiere

On July 29 , Taemin and Jonghyun attended the 'Snow Piercer' Premiere.
OH MY didn't they looked handsome 

Taemin wore the 71131JS417 shirt from Pearly Gates which you can buy here 

Jonghyun wore the S13MO01042A shirt from Greyhound and you can buy it here
I LOVE this shirt ...it looks really nice :D
This shirt is also available in light blue

Now we have another find from our lovely Lyn .
She found the shoes that Taemin wore and their the 2OF001_3B7Q_F0009_F_C000 lace-up shoes from Prada .
Taemin also wore the shoes at 20's Choice Award
Buy them here

Here are some high quality photos so you can see the shirts and the shoes better :D

Jojo I hope your wallet will be ok...hehe :P

Eliza & Lyn

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