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SHINee's Airport Fashion

On August 26, SHINee could be seen at Incheon Airport where they would be departing to Singapore.

Jonghyun wore the XXX black cap from Trenta.
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Next we have another cap find.
Key was wearing the KESH x American Apparel Cap, which you can buy here

How can the model sleep when he's sitting next to SHINee's Key?....Hey wake up.. :)) haha joking
Thanks to our lovely reader,Gary,we found out that the model is actually Key's friend and that his name is Hyeongseop.What a coincidence,right?
Key and also his friend are wearing the Blnd Studio Jersey Top in black from the brand Blindness.
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Thanks to the tumblr shineetown which reblogged the photo from miablinger we also found out that Jonghyun wore the white version of the Blindness jersey top

Credits:SM,American Apparel,Blindness,miablinger,shineetown
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