Rum (pum pum pum) and Whiskey

Please excuse the title...I didn't know what to write haha :D
Hope that this week f(x) won't wear white shirts and matching colored skirts...or was last week their goodbye stages? I hope not :(.

For f(x)'s 'Rum pum pum pum' 130811 performance on Inkigayo, Victoria wore the Abstract Print Cropped T-shirt from Stylenanda
Buy it here.

Krystal's outfit was also from Stylenanda,to be more specific she wore the Egyptian Print Crop Cami Top and the Egyptian Print Mini Skirt.

Buy the top here and the skirt here

Sulli wore the yellow version of the dress that Maria identified here and it's the 'All over print' dress from 32 dicembre. 

You can buy it here.

Credits:SM,Stylenanda, 32 dicembre

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