Kaeun is Love and Tip on Jooyeon

Kaeun's a forgotten find, been in a draft for about a month. Filling in so everyone can actually see this.

I don't mind if this turns into a Kaeun appreciation post. From what I have gathered from After School fansites, she is supposed to be a good singer.

The item of question is by Coiincos, the phoenix see through top.

Many other celebs have worn it.

So who wore it best?
Leave a comment who you think rocked it best!
^ This is only because I can't put in a poll. :(

Here's a tip from Elle about Jooyeon. Thanks~

So the tip tells us Jooyeon (above) is wearing a Rib knit sweater from H&M.
As you can tell, the stylist(s) cut it so it just barely covers her bra. 
Good job Elle for noticing the top.

Img cr: respective companies, H&M, coiincos, pledis

Maria :D & Eliza

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