INFINITE at the Airport

We haven't has some INFINITE finds in a while,haven't we?
INFINITE is currently busy with their worldtour so we can see them quite often at the airport.

Woohyun wore the TMT Fotball t-shirt camo from the brand Thepartament and you can buy it here

I've seen Dongwoo's Boy London t-shirt before and I thought to myself......someone will wear it someday...and it seems I was right.
Not only Dongwoo wore the t-shirt but also other 2 other k-pop idols: EXO's Luhan and don't know who exactly from NU'EST,is it Aron?
Buy the t-shirt here

NU'EST's 'nu'est' MV (my lame joke again yeey) has quite a lot of finds .Should we make a post or the finds are really easy to recognize?

Credits:Wooliment,Boy london,thepartament
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