Henry's '1-4-3' (2)

We're back again with more finds from Henry's '1-4-3' MV
In the song we can also hear '4-8-6', that means saranghae (I love you in korean) which is writen as
the number result from the amount of strokes to write '사랑해' (thank you dear youtuber for enlightening us)

For his date,Henry was looking mighty fine and he was wearing the 'Mickey Mouse Character Design Print Shirt' from Comme des garcons.
The white version isn't available, but you can buy the black one here

In this scene,Henry is wearing the Logo sweatshirt from Carven.
The turquoise one isn't available,but you can buy the blue one here

Now for an easy find.
Henry was wearing the Joyrich Jock Knit Crew and you can buy it here
The sweater is also avalable in black, green and blue.

Oh the glory of making screen caps

~Ahhhhh I'm naked don't come in...wait a second no I'm not~

~What? You want a piece of me?~

Lauren came to the rescue so we'll have more finds for you guys so stay tuned :D

Credits:SMent,Carven,Comme des garcon,Joyrich
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