Naeun, Bomi and Eunji Sings 'Don't be Sad, No No No'

Feeling down? Here's an A Pink's NoNoNo post to cheer you up. Their music video is that cheery, girly and filled with pastels that is sure to, even a little bit, make you feel happier. For me, No No No has something nostalgic that brings me back to my first watching of Into the New World in 2007. It's so soothing, and the SES association brings so many recollection.

Side note: We usually just take requests for items under "Requests", we don't really take random requests from comments. This might be the only time
A few readers requested for A Pink's No No No music video finds. Here you go. I tried by best...I said there were Korean brands but I only found two Korean brands. Sadly, one didn't even have a picture.

So first, Na eun...She wears Stylenanda's Pintuck Mini Skirt paired with a matching top also from Stylenanda. Go here and here for purchase information.

Bomi's top may look similar. That's because G.NA has also worn it, view our post here.

This item may look similar too. Ariana Grande and Caroline Flack both has worn it before.
Eunji's tee is the Topshop College Cheetah Crop Top, currently sold out.

Img Cr: a cube, stylenanda, wildfox, topshop

Maria :D

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